Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Japan: Tokyo Fish Market


Belinda Luksic

One of the largest fish markets in the world, Tokyo’s landmark Tsujiki Market, is like nothing else and a must-see on anyone’s Japan holiday to-do list. A personal recount on why to dive in and see the spectacle - and its famed tuna auction - before it moves location in November.

"It’s not quite 3am and already Tsukiji Market is a vibrant and frighteningly off-kilter mix of hurtling trucks and zooming tarettos (mini motorized flatbed trolleys) transporting goods willy-nilly across the market at a cracking pace. Work, Health and Safety would have a field day here, I think, as first one, then another careens dangerously close, and for one unnerving moment, straight at me. Bleary eyed, having taken a wrong turn to the tuna auctions, it’s an alarming way to wake up."

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