Belinda Luksic

Specialisations: Entertainment, fashion, arts, wellness, travel

Belinda Luksic has lived many lives; first as agent to the stars at Harry M Miller’s, then denizen of all things production for film, television and events, before finding herself, pen at the ready, as a freelance writer and photojournalist specialising in entertainment, fashion, the arts, wellness and travel. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, is published in a number of magazines and appears in the anthology, Your Mother Would Be Proud. 

As a copywriter, her strong creative bent and diverse cross-section of skills translates into compelling and influential communications. From marketing collateral and corporate communications to SEO and website copy, editorial , blogging, social media and scriptwriting, she has the experience, knowledge and skill to deliver informed messaging that speaks to the heart of an audience.

Highly organized and self-motivated, she can easily prioritise deadlines while writing consistently in style, tone and voice across several documents.

Industries: Property, Hospitality, Travel, Food, Liquor, IT & Technology, Retail, Government, Sport, Education, Finance, Insurance, Charity

Publications: Jetstar, MindFood Magazine, TravelTalk, Holidays for Couples, Crown Lounge, Arabian Travel News, Cruise Critic, TripAdvisor

Travels: extensive experience through Asia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, the UK and Europe.

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