Mike Butler

Mike Butler and friends in PNG. (Mike is in orange)
Specialisations: Men's lifestyle, sports, hard-edged adventure travel

Writer Mike Butler’s career spans 18 years working in Sydney and London as well as flying visits to a host of weird and wonderful places under the guise of journalism.

Career highlights include years spent as senior features editor for FHM magazine, style editor for Men’s Health as well as a crime reporter for the Independent newspaper group in London’s East End.

His writing has seen him pogo dance Libya with the first US rock group to tour the pariah state, live with Stone Age islanders in the Pacific and get flattened in the last fight tent operating in rural Australia. Along the way he’s faced up to celebrities including George Foreman, Kostya Tszyu as well as the kingpins of Australia’s Outlaw Motorcycle gangs.

Much to his shame, he’s been Warwick Capper’s comedy ghost writer, survived extortion threats from Mark “Chopper” Read and played table tennis with Bhutan’s Dalai Lama for a number of weeks and never asked him once about Buddhism. Now a father of three, Mike is the co-founder of freelance writing business Paradise Park Media based in Pyrmont.

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