Friday, November 11, 2016

Andaman Sea Expedition aboard Silver Discoverer

UPDATE: Journey complete [preview images]
This month, expedition cruise specialist, Roderick Eime, will set out on an 11-day voyage aboard Silversea's Silver Discoverer to explore some of the remote territory in and around the Andaman Sea.

The route includes visits to the bustling ports of Phuket and Yangon, but ranges out into the Andaman Sea to Port Blair and the derelict colonial capital on Ross Island, abandoned for more than 80 years.

Ruined and overgrown church, Ross Island
Rod will scuba dive on some of the remote reefs as well as explore ashore in such isolated locations as Burma's Mergui Archipelago and India's Cinque Island Wildlife Sanctuary.

Proposed expedition route

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pack your bags: Not all luggage is created equal

So when you go to buy a new car or washing machine, who would provide the most reliable endorsement of the product's reliability? The salesperson? No. How about the repair person?

No, this is not my bag, but it could be yours.
Yep. When things go wrong, it's the person who has to fix it who can quickly tell the dud from the deluxe.

When his expensive suitcase fell victim to rough baggage handlers, Rod sought out the experts. You might be surprised at the verdicts.

Want to make baggage handlers' job easier? Try this pre-smashed range of luggage.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Stunning new Tahiti and French Polynesia images

Our busy pro shooter, David Kirkland, has just returned from a 10-day assignment of French Polynesia, shooting for the tourism authority. He started on the main island of Tahiti, before heading off to Moorea Island for a couple of days, then finishing up on Taha'a Resort near Bora Bora.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

New stunning images from the Solomon Islands

Prolific travel photographer, David Kirkland, has returned from yet another expedition to the Solomon Islands to update the destination's photo library.

Use David's stunning images to accompany a commission from one of our writers.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Venice: That Sinking Feeling

"Venice is built on a swamp, so of course it's sinking," my hotel manager Gilberto tells me.
But at the moment Venice is sinking under the weight of tourists. Twenty-two million of them every year. And every year a thousand residents leave permanently.

So, with the additional threat of rising sea-levels, can Venice survive? Should you rush to see this legendary city before it disappears? Or will massive engineering efforts see it withstand the elements and remain one of the planet's architectural wonders?

John Maddocks poses the question and examines efforts to save the UNESCO World Heritage city.

[Image: Shutterstock ID:54664264]

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Formula One of gravel racing

Get this close to the action (credit: Jeremy Rogers / Rally Australia)
In November this year, Liz Swanton embeds herself amid the frenzied activity of Rally Australia, the local round of the elite World Rally Championship, to be run on the NSW North Coast.

Apart from her professional duties, Liz will have unprecedented access to the machinations and personalities behind this international sporting event – effectively the Formula One of gravel racing, contested by some of the best drivers in the world – hosted in one of Australia's most popular coastal tourist locations.

Great surf is just one of the attractions of NSW's Coffs Coast (supplied)
Soak up all the thrills of this high-octane event which will have the eyes of millions around the globe glued to the action happening around the sunny Coffs Coast – and brings millions of dollars of revenue to the region.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Australia's North West and Kimberley: Broome, Barramundi and pearls

Updated: Journey complete

In September 2016, expedition cruise specialist, Roderick (Rod) Eime revisited Broome and the famed Australia's North West - his third trip to the region.

The Kimberley earned iconic status after Baz Luhrmann's 2008 blockbuster 'Australia' and, love the movie or not, has ensured the ancient landscape is never far from the tourism spotlight.

Great Escape in the Kimberley
Rod checked out the newly renovated and Gold Award-winning Mangrove Hotel in Broome before boarding Great Escape for an intimate 4-night adventure cruise.

Mangrove Hotel, Broome
This was backed up by one of the most unusual cruise offerings in the Australian market. True North spent a week in the amazing Rowley Shoals, a little known marine reserve 260 kilometres offshore from Broome and effectively an ‘aquarium’ in the open ocean with some of the best diving and fishing in Australia.

True North in the Rowley Shoals

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