Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Australia's North West and Kimberley: Broome, Barramundi and pearls

In September 2016, expedition cruise specialist, Roderick (Rod) Eime will revisit Broome and the famed Australia's North West - his third trip to the region.

The Kimberley earned iconic status after Baz Luhrmann's 2008 blockbuster 'Australia' and, love the movie or not, has ensured the ancient landscape is never far from the tourism spotlight.

Great Escape in the Kimberley
Rod will first check out the newly renovated and Gold Award-winning Mangrove Hotel in Broome before boarding Great Escape for an intimate 4-night adventure cruise.

Mangrove Hotel, Broome
This will be backed up by one of the most unusual cruise offerings in the Australian market. True North will spend a week in the amazing Rowley Shoals, a little known marine reserve 260 kilometres offshore from Broome and effectively an ‘aquarium’ in the open ocean with some of the best diving and fishing in Australia.

True North in the Rowley Shoals

Original and PR-supplied imagery will be available.

Rod would be delighted to discuss editorial commissions with high-end print publications or websites.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Nicely Icey: Ewen Bell loves Iceland

Photographer, Ewen Bell, is back from Iceland

Nicely Icey - Photo Essay

Horses and Ice Caves / Iceland / We always have a few good cracks at the aurora when travelling in Iceland, but this time we also got a chance to watch the colours dance inside an ice cave.

"I love the way light dances through the ice, revealing a hint of it's origins from glaciers far back in time. On this adventure to Iceland we chased the ice on beaches, the snow falling at dusk, the geysirs erupting for its audience and the deep dark hues within freshly revealed glacial caves. And we made friends with lots of Icelandic horses, because I love them too :)"

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Australia’s most awarded travel writers

The Travel Writers co-operative prides itself on assembling the best and most talented travel journalists and photographers for both single feature commissions as well as large content projects.

With the announcement of the latest winners of the Australian Society of Travel Writers Awards for Excellence, it is clear the team have an abundance of ability and experience to offer publishers of travel and lifestyle content.

John Borthwick: Is he Australia's
most awarded travel writer?
No stranger to accolades is the inveterate “professional tourist” and PhD, John Borthwick, who returned to the spotlight with the big one - ASTW Travel Writer of the Year - an award he has won before, along with multiple category awards over the last 20+ years. Borthwick also picked up the prestigious PATA Gold Award for destination journalism in 2008.

Winners in their respective categories were Craig Tansley (Cruise), Lee Atkinson (Adventure), Lee Mylne (Travel Trade), Kerry van der Jagt (Australian and Kennedy Award for Outstanding Travel Writing 2015 and AFTA Best Travel Writer 2014) and Carla Grossetti (Food).

Other members were hot on their heels with many providing fierce competition as finalists. Angela Saurine (also AFTA Best Travel Writer 2012), Kris Madden (a three time ASTW winner), Belinda Jackson, Helen Hayes and Aleney de Winter (Winner ‘Voices of Australia' 2014).

Acclaimed travel and documentary photographer, Ewen Bell, was awarded ASTW Travel Photographer of the Year in 2007.

The Travel Writers founder, Roderick Eime, was elated at the news he had won the 2016 PATA Gold Award for Destination Journalism but had to be content to be named as a finalist in this year’s ASTW Awards. He has had multiple wins in the past including two gongs for ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’ and a finalist for AFTA Best Travel Writer in 2015.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Solomon Island photo shoot from David Kirkland

Perfect to accompany any commissioned story from this exciting tropical destination. Please contact us for details.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Chile: Santiago Revival

Traditionally conservative Chile and its one-time capital of stodge, Santiago, is emerging from the shadows.

Chileans, thanks in no small part to new arrivals from the rest of South America and the world, are experiencing something of an 'awakening' in the form arts, architecture and culture.

Driven underground by oppressive governments of the past, subversive, left-wing elements are now much freer to express themselves and this new-found freedom is slowly transforming the city into a more vibrant, even edgy metropolis.

Rod sets out to see something of the Santiago underbelly, and with long-time resident and English ex-pat, Gary James of Sense Chile, elbows his way through crowded markets, spills his 'terremoto' at La Piojera and even stops by for a racy cappuccino at one of the city's 'café con piernas', literally 'coffee with legs'.

As part and parcel of this urban arousal is a new wave of boutique hotels: small city enclaves of just a dozen or more rooms. We visit four such properties, including Santiago city's newest hotel opening, a renovated 1928 building in the trendy Lastarria neighbourhood designed (and now named after) one of Chile's most famous architects, Luciano Kulczewski.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Arctic Wonderland in pictures

Ewen Bell is back in the land he loves, the Arctic. His highly individual images so perfectly capture this very special environment, you'll need to put on a beanie and scarf just to look at them.

Whether accompanying an editorial feature or a simple photo essay, Ewen's images will bring your pages to life. [Enquire]

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