Saturday, January 9, 2010

Travel Lines

Borneo Malaysia - Headhunting Borneo Style
Another remote river cruise, this time on the mighty Rajang River of Sarawak. Visit Iban longhouses, villages and river ports once the domain of the British Raj. The new RV Orient Pandaw is a delightful throwback to the 19th Century colonial heyday. [query] [click image to see library]
CatalinaUSA - Catalina Island
Santa Catalina Island, or just Catalina, is 22 miles from LA and billed as "a world away." A popular stopover for cruise ships and historically a playground for the rich and famous, Catalina is full of stories. [query]
Thailand Thailand - Bridging the River Kwai
We know the legend of the famous bridge and can probably whistle the tune, but what is the real story of the Burma railway? Today the river holds adventure and cultural experiences and Rod was a guest of the minority Mon people from Burma in their floating river camp. [query]
Samoa Samoa - Ready to Rebuild
Samoa needs our help. After the tsumani disaster, the little island state needs tourism dollars to rebuild. Want to spend you travel budget usefully? Visit Samoa. Lots of story angles [query]
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Supercar Australia - Quickest Mapped Route
To drive a modern supercar is every boy's dream. Now you can make it happen without all the hassles of ownership. The Supercar Club let's you live the life. We carefully tested a sampling of the high octane steeds. [query]
NimbinAustralia - Rainforest Way NSW
Next time you're on the road between Sydney and Brisbane, slow down and take a detour. Byron Bay, Bangalow, mystic Nimbin and the lush Clarence Valley is ready to welcome travellers with time on their hands.[

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