Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Expedition cruise Christmas / NY trifecta

A summer of small ship luxury and discovery
National Geographic Orion
Beginning mid-November, expedition and small ship cruise specialist travel writer and photographer, Roderick Eime, will board National Geographic Orion for the first of three back-to-back expedition cruises when he sails for Tahiti from Fiji over three weeks.

True North and its onboard helicopter
Then it's a return to PNG aboard the much praised True North for a week on the Louisiade Archipelago Adventure.

Silversea' Silver Discoverer
Finally, in the New Year, it's a two week sub-Antarctic circuit of New Zealand including Macquarie Island and the seldom visited Antipodes and Bounty Islands to the west.

It will certainly be a busy summer and a wild mixture of windswept latitudes, tropical islands and colorful coral reefs.

Let Rod relate some of this remote splendour to your readers with a vivid photo feature or rich and descriptive travel narrative.

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