Monday, January 18, 2016

Solomon Islands: Raw Appeal

Experienced adventure travel writer, Roderick Eime, has made three trips to the Solomon Islands in as many years, with the last one in October.

Unlike Fiji or New Caledonia - or even Vanuatu - the Solomons is the least developed of our neighbouring Melanesian nations.

Zipolo Habu Resort, Lola Island, near Munda
That may rule it out for mass tourism and lush, palatial resorts (for now), instead visitors can experience authentic culture and practices. While there is an airline network servicing most of the outer islands, small ship cruising is perfect for low impact, small footprint travel.

WWII history, volcanoes, great scuba diving, bountiful fishing, unsurpassed cultural experiences and unusual foods make the Solomon Islands one of the last redoubts for genuine, non-commercialised travel.

Recently discovered Grumman Wildcat of US ace, James Swett [more]

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