Friday, November 11, 2016

Andaman Sea Expedition aboard Silver Discoverer

UPDATE: Journey complete [preview images]

This month, expedition cruise specialist, Roderick Eime, will set out on an 11-day voyage aboard Silversea's Silver Discoverer to explore some of the remote territory in and around the Andaman Sea.

The route includes visits to the bustling ports of Phuket and Yangon, but ranges out into the Andaman Sea to Port Blair and the derelict colonial capital on Ross Island, abandoned for more than 80 years.

Ruined and overgrown church, Ross Island
Rod will scuba dive on some of the remote reefs as well as explore ashore in such isolated locations as Burma's Mergui Archipelago and India's Cinque Island Wildlife Sanctuary.

Proposed expedition route

Commissions are invited. Please contact Rod


  1. This place looks creepy and exciting at the same time. I hope you keep updating us on his journey, as I would love to see more shots of this island.

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