Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Zealand: 'Hoodwinked' - the art of falconry

Wingspan, New Zealand’s National Bird of Prey Centre at Rotorua, is a place where people can visit and see birds of prey up close, guided by the country’s leading experts. Wingspan’s core is a commitment to the conservation of the threatened ‘Karearea’ New Zealand falcon. Being part of New Zealand’s unique natural heritage, falcons are a taonga (treasured) species to New Zealand’s Māori people. Our animal and eco-specialist, Kris Madden, interviews founder Debbie Stewart about her dedication to the conservation of New Zealand’s birds of prey, and the bird-characters you can meet including ‘Millie the Millennium Falcon’; and Ozzie, a NZ Falcon named after Ozzy Osbourne, as well as some interesting facts about the art of falconry and these amazing birds. [ Tell me more ]

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